Biometic Systems

Modern innovation and technology have led to quite a few advancements that help businesses grow, develop and reach higher levels of productivity. One type of technology many businesses have begun to use is biometric technology.

There are two basic types of biometrics: physiological and behavioral. Both are essential for use in the verification and identification systems used in developing employee time tracking systems.

The following table compares some of the biometric systems used lately, from the point of view of accuracy, cost, devices required and social acceptability.

Biometric Tech Accuracy Cost Devices required Social acceptability
ADN High High Test Equipment Low
Iris Recognition High High Camera Medium-Low
Retinal Scan High High Camera Low
Facial Recognition Medium-Low Medium Camera High
Voice Recognition Medium Medium Microphone, Telephone High
Hand Geometry Medium-Low Low Scanner High
Fingerprint High Medium Scanner Medium
Signature Recognition Low Medium Optic pen, Touch Panel High